Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super Secret Surprise Snack Pack!

Started off the chilly day with a bowl of miso soup: miso paste, tofu, edamame, and some wakame sprinkled with white pepper. Yum!

Behold! I present to thee.... my lunchbag! "What's so great about it?" you ask. Scroll down...
Look! It even has... a cell phone holder?
Guess again! What could that be?
A conveniently perfect sized snack bar holder! (which makes for a convenient midmorning snack holder :D) Bar of the day: Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar
At the lunch table today, I had sun-dried tomato basil hummus with cukes and 1/2 a Damascus Bakery pita and a grapefruit (love!) :]
After school, a small apple+clementine happily made their way into me tummy.
And later, some Silk soy yogurt with Fiber One and several almonds joined them.
And for dinner-- Steamed brown rice, garlicky kale, and (what else?) braised tofu! Hooray!

I think I really like posting my everyday eats. It really cuts out all of my mindless snacking. Yay! ^_^


  1. hhaahahhahaha i loved the slow reveal bit! too funny. too funny.

    yea i guess when u post everything it makes u totally aware of your food intake. having said live what makes u strong and healthy...not that u aren't already being a vegan;)

  2. What a perfect lunchbox!

    I love how you made Miso Soup for breakfast, I've got to try that sometime, I love miso!

    And your dinner looks absolutely delicious! I love simple meals like that.

  3. love that larabar!

    miso soup is so yummy. i could eat it with every meal. yummm :)

  4. I love your lunch box meals! They look very healthy and the soup is to die for! Lovely gal!