Friday, January 23, 2009

A Snackish Sort of Day

Today began with miso again! I really like having something warm/savory in the morning, and soup really fills me up. Hooray.

Today's midmorning snack/ Bar of the day was a clif nectar bar-- cinnamon apple. I still like apple pie larabars better, but it was alright.

Lunch was a tofu-hummus salad wrap (La Tortilla Factory High Fiber Wraps). Didn't have a chance to get a pic bc my camera died unfortunately. It was good though!

After school snack began with a grapefruit. I usually love grapefruit, but today's tasted a little too sour :/

2nd Snack item-- Soy yogurt+fiber one+cinnamon= yumm. and pretty filling. Hooray for fiber and protein! ha.

Sunkist roasted almonds! I really really really love almonds. If the fat and sodium levels were a bit lower, I think I'd live off of them :)

Apple with PB. I seriously love peanut butter. :)

Well, I'm off to eat dinner now and then youth group at church. Tomorrow, I'm going to be going to a 'campout' for our local Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, so I'll be playing violin until Sunday afternoon D: (horrors). See you all back here on maybe Sunday!

Oh yeah. I almost forgot:

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

My parents have been preparing a bunch of stuff, so hopeufully I'll have something interesting to post about.


  1. I'm totally craving Miso Soup now, maybe sometime next week I'll try it for breakfast!

  2. OOO those look like some yummy eats! Especially the apple with peanut butter, I love that !

  3. i do love nectar bars, but i dont know if anything can beat the larabar. they are perfect :)

  4. congratulations with the new blog. Very funny name but I do miss the tofu :-)

  5. this blog is so cute! ;) miso hungry! haha your cute.
    i never thought about starting my day with soup..usually when i want something warm i start with oatmeal..but who says soup can't be breakfast ;)

  6. i love your new blog, it's so cute!!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you to (okay, so I'm a little late).