Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Fruit-full day.

Snow day today! I love snowdays minus the fact that I'm stuck at home with a bunch of nummy foods. I tried (to no avail) to stay away from snacky foods. Oh well. I digress.

Breakfast: Miso again, but today's miso was a special miso paste from Japan. It had preserved lotus root in it and was sweeter than my usual white miso. Yeck to the sweetness factor.
Bar of the Day: 1/2 of a Clif Pear Apple Strudel Bar. Verdict? I like it, but it's a bit sweet as are all the clif bars (minus the nectar ones)

Sunkist Roasted Almonds. nuts are my downfall :(

Soy yogurt with Bear Naked Apple Cinnamon granola, Puffins, and Fiber One.

and then some nice hot tea :)
Grapefruit 1
Grapefruit 2
2 clementines
PB Banana. Salmonella outbreak? pshhh.
Yeah so I was doing pretty okay snackish wise. Until I had more almonds and Puffins in the afternoon. and then guiltless gourmet chips. eeeep.

Blah. Now I have a bunch of stuff to work on; namely my research paper for freshman comp on binge eating disorders. woohoo. See you all around!


  1. Love the snackage, but I agree...clif bars are SO sweet. I do like the Maple Nut, PB, and White Choc. Macadamia nut flavors.

    Puffins are my downfall too! I just can't stop eating them. But I just found out they aren't vegan (but the PB and Cinnamon ones are) because they are sweetened with sugar with bone char..eek!

  2. lovely pics and lovely eats.

    nuts are so good but hate the fact that it's so fattening. sigh.

  3. Hi ya
    This is my first time here. U have a lovely blog.

    Nice pics n lovely eats!

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  4. Nuts are SO my downfall too! Oooo, grapefruit - I think that's my ultimate favourite though.

  5. That is some good looking miso! It's been ages since I've been able to even find lotus root, fresh or otherwise, but I do really miss that satisfying crunch.

  6. Nuts are my downfall too. And grapefruit. It's so perfectly in season right now!