Monday, January 26, 2009

Jungle Jim's!

Hey guys. So eating at campout was a half disaster. I brought two wraps, but only got to eat one since the bag of ice in my mini cooler melted an drowned the other one :( Good news though! I had my first raspberry dark chocolate clif nectar bar, and I must say it is SO GOOD. It's practically a chocolate bar. And I was still able to have my beloved miso soup! I brought a tupperware-ish soup container that had frozen edamame, dried wakame, and miso paste in it. By adding hot water (which, thank God, was readily available), I was able to have my miso! I also brought hummus and veggies and a chocolate chew Larabar. Sorry for no pics though; I was already self conscious enough eating my own packed food.

So anyways, after campout (which was pretty much a drag), I got to go to Jungle Jim's!!! I seriously was waiting all weekend just to go. It's an international market that pretty much sells everything (including the largest ever selection of veggie friendly foods!)

Check out all the stuff I got!! (I'm sort of a shopoholic when it comes to grocery shopping ^_^)
I got:
Barley flour, Spelt flour, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, a Clif Dark Chocolate Walnut Bar, Clif Pear Apple and Pumpkin Pie bars, a Yotta bar (more in a bit!), a jar of Nacho Chreese Dip!!, SoyBoy Raviolis(!!!!), some instant vegan ramen-esque cups, a tofurky, a celebration roast!!!, Ezekiel English Muffins, Guiltless Gourmet Blue Corn Chips, Brown Rice Lasagna noodles, Cinnamon Puffins!! (i love those things), Kashi TLC Pumpkin Spice Bars, Wildwood Tofu Burgers, more than tofu Pesto Tofu, Field Roast Slices, a bag of Organic Sucanat, a bottle of Annie's Organic Ketchup, Raspberry vegan "jello", Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Garden Veggie Tempeh, Fakin' Bacon, and Vegan Cheese Slices.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff!! haha.

Then for dinner, we went to my friend's restaurant for Chinese New Year dinner! I had 2 kinds of braised tofu, bok choy, and garlicky green beans. Superyum!

And today, I had my essential miso-tofu-edamame-wakame soup!
MIDMORNING SNACK aka Bar of the Day: YOTTA Bar. I got this yesterday at Jungle Jim's and now, I wish I had gotten more!

Check out the nutrition stats. Pretty decent minus the fact that there are 11 g of sugar and only 2g each of protein and fiber. Oh well.
Tada! The color is a bit funky-- green tinted. haha. but that's only because of the ingredients which include: baby oats, brown rice syrup, apples, peas, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, celery, green peppers, rolled oats, crisped rice, cinnamon, and some other happy things.
And for lunch today I had the avocado wraps(without the sauce) that I got yesterday at Jungle Jim's. Aren't they pretty?
And it's nice that the ingredient list was short too.
Snack today--2 clementines,
some Fiber One+Soy yogurt,
and a bowl of Cinnamon Puffins (<3) !
And that's all for now. Got to do some schoolwork and then eat dinner and then watch my all-time, most favorite show ever-- 24!

See you all tommorow!