Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am still here, promise! I must admit that blogging daily has been a bit of a struggle for me because.... well... i'm a bit lazy. sorry :( haha. i still love you guys! :)

Anyways, here is my "reThanksgiving Dinner" that I had last Monday!

Began with WW dinner rolls...
Crunchy Kale (!) :)...
and a Tofurky! I didn't find one at Thanksgiving last year, so I was particularly pleased to have found it :)
My brother carving the tofurky!!! ^_^
...and an apple gallette. Hooray!

So- today I had a wildwood tofu burger. These things are like super good! But they are a bit high-fat and oily-ish. (12 g) So if it bothers you, bake 'em and squeeze out the oil. Yurp.
And lookie what I got at TJ's! Psyllium! It pretty much tastes like nothing, but you'll want to drink it fast otherwise it turns into flax-egg like mixture.

Hooray! So in case y'all were wondering, the bomb threat was in fact just a threat, but please do pray for my fellow student who is going through a rather difficult time right now.

Thanks guys! :)

oh, in other news, check out tofufreak kitchen for some cakes!


  1. oooh the kale is good!

    yes will pray for your buddy!

    have a good one miss tofu freak.

  2. I'm not the biggest tofurky fan, but EVERYTHING else is total yumminess!

  3. Glad my Stephanie is safe!! =]

  4. Your reThanksgiving looks delicious!! I have never tried the Tofurkey, I'm sure one year I will have to :)

  5. Just had to add that my verification word was misoart...I thought it was funny.

  6. uh, those dinner rolls? yuUuUuuuum!

    everything looks fab :)

  7. yummy! I saw a TG leftovers topped pizza on a blog. now I see your TG in feb post. I soooo want TG dinner again!

  8. Thanksgiving dinner looks great! I love wildwood tofu burgers! They are the best.

    I remember in college, usually around finals, the school would get a bomb threat at the library. Never found an actual bomb, but they still had to clear out the library and search for one. And it never stops finals from taking place. :-)

  9. how do you like TJs psyillium fiber?? I was going to buy it the other day, but decided to wait. Love to know what you think!

  10. Oh my gosh I loooooove kale chips! Now I am craving some. Great post!

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